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Fraud Alert - Recent Area Scams


Fraud Alert - Recent Area Scams

Fraud Alert – These are Happening in Your Community

You hear about fraud cases all the time and think that would never happen to you. Unfortunately, too many people have fallen for them, and it is happening in Central Iowa!

Below are real-life fraud scams that have been reported in our communities:

  • You receive a call claiming the Des Moines Metro Police are investigating you and in order to avoid jail you need to bring cash to a parking lot. However, they are not asking to meet at the police station nor do they give any identification.
  • Your grandchild is being held ransom and they only way to save them is to buy gift cards and provide them the card numbers. They claim that your grandchild cannot be contacted but it is the middle of the week when school is in session.
  • An urgent phone call at work from a person claiming to be an IRS representative states your boss is in legal trouble, and they have an outstanding fine that must be paid immediately to avoid persecution. The only way to pay is using MoneyPak cards.
  • An email is received asking for your assistance due to the tragedy has that struck Turkey and the thousands of people who need your help. You are asked to click the link to donate money. However, the email is not from a charity or disaster relief agency you recognize.  

You may feel panicked in these situations and feel the need to do what is asked. However, you need to stop and assess the situation. In all of these fraud scenarios, the scams share similar characteristics which should be red flags alerting you that something may not be right:

  1. The request you take immediate action.
  2. They claim to be some authoritative agency but don’t give any specific information.
  3. Any payments requested are to be done using gift cards or something other than a check.
  4. All scenarios are either tragic or tied to a relative or person you know but they don’t give the relative’s name.

Fraud scams are typically generated to make you act upon your emotions. In each of the real-life scenarios above, the individuals could have checked further into the matter by calling someone such as the grandchild or boss. It may feel embarrassing to know that you fell for a scam, but TruBank employees understand. We have seen these happen to everyone and it is only when you share the full story that we are able to better help you.


Always Be Skeptical

Fraud scams appear to be ramping up and we want you to be cautious if scenarios as described above occur to you. Always remember to:

  • NEVER share your account information
  • NEVER share your debit card number
  • NEVER share your online account information

Please read our additional fraud blog articles by clicking the “Fraud Protection” topic link to learn more to help protect yourself.  

Whatever life brings you, you can rely on us.

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