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A Legacy of Giving - 140th Anniversary


A Legacy of Giving - 140th Anniversary

TruBank 140th Anniversary - A Legacy of Giving

Throughout TruBank’s history, a key component has been supporting our communities. When we all invest in our local businesses and organizations, our communities will prosper. TruBank is proud to be the financial banking partner for so many local businesses and organizations including area non-profits.

Each year, TruBank and its employees volunteer hundreds of hours in the community. However, there are so many organizations that still need help, either financially or with volunteerism. To celebrate our 140th Anniversary in 2023, TruBank gave all its employees $140 to donate to a local non-profit of their choice. “We want our employees to feel empowered that they have a direct impact to supporting our communities, especially to helping the organizations they feel most passionate about,” says Keith Welling, TruBank CEO.

Here are more of these deserving organizations:

Newton Courthouse Lighting Fund

Since the 1930s, the Newton courthouse has been decorated each year with beautiful lights to celebrate the holidays. Over the years, the lights & decorations may have changed and evolved, but the spirit of gathering together and making memories remain the same. Several people come back to visit just to see the lights and involve multiple generations in their families.
TruBank employee Imy Bruce loves the lights and wanted to donate to the Courthouse Lighting Fund so that the tradition can continue. Over 1,000 lights are displayed and funds help make sure they stay lit. Steve Knight is instrumental in keeping this tradition going and has been doing it since the 1980s. Like Imy, Steve has fond memories of the lights and loves to see families come together to experience the event and will continue to lead this event as long as he can!
Be sure to stop into Newton to see this beautiful display of lights!
Pictured: Steve Knight (left) accpting TruBank employee Imy Bruce's (right) donation to help keep the lights going for the Courthouse Lighting Fund. 
Imy Bruce donates to Newton Courthouse Lighting Fund

Iowa Kids Camp

Iowa Kids Camp is held at Jericho Hills Camp and Retreat Center located in Lucas, Iowa (original location for TruBank!). The camps hosts approximately 80 kids during the week long program occurring in June each year. Kids enjoy a variety of things from recreation, small groups, and team competitions along with great outdoor fun from swimming pool to a rock climbing wall. It was these fun activities that TruBank employee Tracy McIntyre's kids enjoyed. She wanted to give back to the organization that made her kids fond memories, experience the outdoors, and meet new friends. Not only is Iowa Kids Camp a fun place, it continues to help kids build self confidence, teamwork, improve social skills (electronic-free space!), and try new things they may not normally get the opportunity to try!

Follow Iowa Kids Camp to check out great pictures of summer camp activities and stay informed when registration opens for 2024!

Pictured: TruBank employee Tracy McIntyre (left) presenting her 140th Anniversary Legacy of Giving donation to Iowa Kids Camp Treasurer Sonjia Bass (middle) and Camp Director Rev Ed Grant (right).

Tracy McIntyre donates to Iowa Kids Camp

Des Moines Homeless Veterans Stand Down

Annually, the Des Moines Homeless Veterans Stand Down (HVS) helps approximately 800 veterans and their families and 600 other homeless individuals. During a three-day event, HVS provides various goods and services such as assistance with employment, medical & VA claims, clothing, school supplies, groceries, and haircuts.

There are over 100 Iowa veterans experiencing homelessness. That is why TruBank employee Janice Flesher wanted to donate to an organization that specifically assisted Iowa veterans. Homeless veterans face unique challenges such as mental health issues, substance abuse, and difficulties transitioning to civilian life. Janice hopes her donation inspires others to help veterans as they have given so much to protect our freedoms.

Visit Des Moines Veterans Stand Down website and follow them on Facebook to find opportunities to help and stay informed when the next stand down event will occur

Pictured: Co-chairs of HVS Paulette Anderson (left) and David Rowell (right) accepting TruBank employee Janice Flesher's 140th Anniversary donation (center).

Janice Flesher donates to Des Moines Homeless Veterans Stand Down

Special Olympics Iowa

Special Olympics Iowa is Iowa's largest sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities. But it offers more than just sports competition, Special Olympics provides a gateway to empowerment, confidence, acceptance, and joy. What is taught through these events, the athletes get to benefit into their daily lives at home, in the classroom, on the job, and in the community. There are many ways to help from attending & cheering athletes at events, to donating, volunteering, and coaching.

It was coaching that got TruBank loan officer Steve Warrington involved with Special Olympics Iowa. Steve is a certified bowling coach and has volunteered for several years. He recommends if anyone is having a bad day then all you need to do is watch these athletes and you will immediately have a smile on your face! Steve's donation will specifically help the bowling program with equipment, attire, and health supplies.

Keep this date in mind, April 16th, as the City of Indianola, Iowa will host the Special Olympics Iowa West Central Track and Field Meet at the Indianola Middle School. To learn about more ways to volunteer or other upcoming events, visit

Pictured: Dallas Hinkhouse (left) of Special Olympics Iowa receives Steve Warrington's (right) Legacy of Giving donation.

Steve Warrington donates to Special Olympics Iowa

Warren County 4-H Program

Iowa 4-H programs provide the hands-on approach to give young people guidance, tools, and encouragement to learn by doing and build like skills. The Warren County Extension & 4-H programs has over 300 participants and even more with the Clover Kids program. TruBank's Loan Administrator Jackie McCarty started 4-H at the age of 9. She enjoyed all the activities but especially enjoy the 4-H trips such as National Conference in Washington D.C., exchange programs (spent time in Texas and Michigan), and State Conference to name a few. All these experiences helped improve her public speaking, leadership, communications, and living skills which in turn benefited her life as a student, employee, parent, and community leader. Jackie's $140 donation will specifically help pay the way for any Warren County 4-H kid planning to attend any state or national trips so that money did not a barrier to participate.

To learn more about the various programs and events offered, visit Warren County Extension's website.

Pictured: Katie Collins of the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach for Warren County (left) accepting Jackie McCarty of TruBank donation.

Jackie McCarty donates to Warren County 4-H Program

LCS Foundation

By 2050, the Alzheimer's Association estimates the number of Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease could grow to 12.7 million. The LCS Foundation is committed to raising funds for local, state, and national initiatives to support care, advance research, and work toward celebrating the cure for Alzheimer’s. This nonprofit started in 2017 by leaders from the LCS Family of Companies and governed by a volunteer board of directors who are connected to the field of senior living and have a deep passion for serving seniors. Therefore, the LCS Foundation knows first-hand the impact Alzheimer’s has on individuals and their families.

TruBank employee Erica Parmentier also knows first-hand the struggles of caring for a loved-one with Alzheimer’s. Having helped some of her family members live and cope with the disease, she knew where she wanted to donate her Legacy of Giving $140 donation. Erica wanted her donation to be used to help ease the burden of families caring for their loved ones and allowing those families to access the right tools and resources to make even the simple things easier for their loved ones with Alzheimer’s. As a way to celebrate and honor the lives of people impacted by Alzheimer’s and other dementias, the LCS Foundation is a proud support of the Purple Soiree which will be hosted on June 28, 2024, at the Iowa Events Center. 

Pictured: TruBank employee Erica Parmentier (left) donates her $140 Legacy of Giving Donation to the LCS Foundation with Ryan Bircher, LCS Foundation Treasurer, accepting (right).

Erica Parmentier donates to LCS Foundation

Backpacks 4 Hunger

As a way to ensure Indianola Community School District students faced with food insecurity can receive nutritious meals during the weekend, the non-profit group Indianola Backpacks 4 Hunger supplies those children with a backpack of 6 entries and 4 snacks every Friday. All backpacks are put together every Wednesday then delivered to the various Indianola school buildings where staff and teachers ensure the students who rely upon these get them to take home. Any student, kindergarten through 8th grade, in the Indianola Community School District is eligible to receive a backpack of food without any questions asked or proof of need. Currently, there are 88 students currently utilizing the program. During longer periods of school breaks, such as Christmas break, the backpacks contain a little more food to help the kids.

Having two young children in the Indianola Community School District, TruBank President Clint Welling has seen the positive impact Backpacks 4 Hunger has had in the Indianola community. All parents understand the desire to ensure children succeed and ensuring the very basics such as food on the table are taken care of, means kids can have fun and enjoy life without worry about these basic necessities. Follow their Facebook page for ways to help or food items needed.

Pictured: Jill with Backpacks 4 Hunger (left) accepts TruBank President Clint Welling's (right) Legacy of Giving donation.

Clint Welling donates to Backpacks 4 Hunger

What Cheer Opera House

The historic What Cheer Opera House is celebrating 130 years in 2023! It was constructed by Masons using local bricks and continues to sit on its original site located on Barnes Street in What Cheer, Iowa. Many travelling acts performed on the stage in part from the local train travel through the area, but even today it still hosts several performers. Some of those that have performed on its stage include John Philip Sousa, Guy Lombardo, Hand Williams Jr., the Roy Orbison Tribute, and the Everly Brothers Tribute. 

Being 130 years old, the Opera House needs constant attention. Area resident and TruBank employee Rita Dugger donated her $140 Legacy of Giving donation to the Opera House to help with its upkeep of the building. It has recently been able to replace its roof, repair its foundation, and do tuck pointing. 

To see who is performing, donate, or learn more about the What Cheer Opera House, you can visit their website

Pictured (L to R): TruBank employee Rita Dugger donates to the What Cheer Opera House with Brenda Landers, Donna Adams, and Toni Hull accepting.

Rita Dugger donates to What Cheer Opera House

Delta Days

For over 40 years, the Delta Town & Country Center, located at the old Delta school, has hosted Delta Days every September. Growing up in Delta, TruBank employee Trisha Fisher wanted her donation to help support the event she knows and loves. 

Delta Days becomes a hub of activities with kids' games, face painting, caricature painting, a parade, 5k run, poker run, and an evening dance. It is a great opportunity for families and friends to enjoy some food and fun. 

Pictured (L to R): Trisha Fisher of TruBank donates to Dixie Shipley with Delta Days.

Trisha Fisher donates to Delta Days

What Cheer Betterment Committee

The What Cheer Betterment Committee is focused upon making What Cheer better for all. Spearheaded by Donna Rogers and Sandra Van Patten, the Committee makes small improvements to the overall appearance of What Cheer. They have collected donations to paint abandoned buildings, organized donations to purchase materials to make benches, and now are ready for plaques to be install on those seats. Looking ahead to next year, they have applied for a grant from the Keokuk County Endowment fund for playground equipment for a city park. They will also seek donations to make this park a reality. Their vision of showing improvement in their downtown area has spread throughout the town with more individuals improving and caring for their properties. .

TruBank employee Stacy Thompson shares in their vision of making What Cheer better thus donated her 140th Anniversary Legacy of Giving funds to the What Cheer Betterment Committee.

Pictured (L to R): TruBank employee Stacy Thompson presents her Leacy of Giving donation to Donna Rogers and Sandra Van Patten with the What Cheer Betterment Committee

Stacy Thompson donates to What Cheer Betterment Committee

Keokuk County Freedom Rock

Ray “Bubba” Sorensen had a vision of a Freedom Rock situated in all 99 Iowa counties. Keokuk County’s Freedom Rock sits in What Cheer in a place of honor between the What Cheer Opera House and TruBank. Nestled amongst honor bricks, beautifully stamped cement, flags and benches, the Keokuk County Freedom Rock has a majesty all its own. TruBank employee Carrie Mercer wanted her 140th Anniversary Legacy of Giving donation to help preserve this icon for the county.

Gearing up for the Freedom Rock and collecting donations started in 2014 and Bubba was on site to paint it in 2017.  How does such a small community pay for something like this? Donations were received, name bricks were sold to honor those who served, t-shirt sales, and a community soup supper was held which has now turned into an annual Fall and Spring event. Care for the Freedom Rock is ongoing with planting 30 flats of flowers in the spring, mowing, and snow removal to keep the area pristine and vibrant. Melanie Vermillion, What Cheer City Clerk, wanted to be sure and thank Dan Behrens for all his maintenance work and Stam Greenhouse for the flowers.

Pictured (L to R): Melanie Vermillion, What Cheer City Clerk, accepts TruBank Branch Manager Carrie Mercer’s 140th Anniversary Legacy of Giving donation next to the Keokuk County Freedom Rock. 

Carrie Mercer donates to Keokuk County Freedom Rock

Norwalk Area Food Pantry

Not so long ago, the record for the number of people using the Norwalk Area Food Pantry hosted by New Life Lutheran Church was 106 in one week. However, the month of November brings bigger needs and the new record is now 111. That is more than 60 families each week. With more area people relying on the Norwalk Area Food Pantry, TruBank employee Kolby Hilgenberg wanted to use his 140th Anniversary Legacy of Giving donation to help the organization’s mission. 

Norwalk Area Food Pantry provides a drive-up service which takes orders car-side. Volunteers run over a grocery menu with visitors, only providing what is asked for which ultimately means less waste overall. The pantry relies on the generosity of the community but is fully self-sufficient. The food pantry serves all of Warren County and is proud of the dignity and respect shown to its visitors. There is even a means of celebrating birthdays as the pantry can provide a cake mix, frosting, candles, and party plates. For more information such as the latest donation needs or how to volunteer, you can visit their website

Pictured (L to R): TruBank Loan Officer Kolby Hilgenberg presents Jim Lund, with the Norwalk Area Food Pantry, his Legacy of Giving donation. 

Kolby Hilgenberg donates to Norwalk Food Pantry

Norwalk Music Boosters

The Norwalk Music Boosters supports all music programs in Norwalk’s elementary, middle, and high schools. This group of committed individuals, primarily parents, raises funds for choral, band (marching, concert and jazz bands), and the Norwalk Nexus Show Choir Competition. They help with the purchase of instruments, risers, and auditorium necessities. 

Preserving the musical arts in our public schools is important to TruBank employees Lashonna Joss and Donna Byers thus they wanted to help support the Norwalk Music Boosters with their Legacy of Giving donations. For additional ways to help support the Norwalk Music Booster, watch for their fruit and mug fundraising events and at the Nexus Show Choir Competition. More information can be found at

Pictured (L to R): TruBank employee Donna Byers donates her donation and on behalf of TruBank employee Lashona Joss (not pictured) to Julie Wigg with the Norwalk Music Boosters.   

Donna Byers and Shonna Joss donate to Norwalk Music Boosters

Norwalk Easter Public Library Foundation

The love of reading and incredible journey a book can take you is one that many people enjoy. This is true with TruBank employees Ashley Wiebe and Tim Klinker. They donated their Legacy of Giving donations to the Norwalk Easter Public Library Foundation.

The Foundation, and its nine-member board, is instrumental in supporting the library's summer reading program which has a long 25-year history. In 2023, the Foundation was able to help support an intern thereby providing assistance to the librarian but also helping to develop the love and necessity of libraries in a student. The Foundation raises most of its funds to help support the library with its used book sale and their “Chairish” event where a community member paints a chair for auction. For more information about what is happening at the Norwalk library, visit their website

Pictured (L to R): TruBank employee Ashley Wiebe donates to Norwalk Easter Public Library Foundation accepted by Jane McDonald (Foundation President) and Jean Strable (Librarian) along with TruBank Loan Officer Tim Klinkner.  

Ashley Wiebe and Tim Klinkner donate to Norwalk Library

Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter

When great minds think alike all things are possible.  Five of our Oskaloosa employees wanted to donate their $140 Legacy of Giving contribution to Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter. This resulted in a $700 contribution in honor of TruBank’s 140th Anniversary and helped to care for the sheltered animals at Stephen.

Did you say you were looking for a pet? Dogs and cats and puppies and kittens galore are waiting for their new home at Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter. In fact, their numbers are on the rise and like everything else, so is the cost of caring for these furry friends. The fine folks who work and volunteer at Stephen would love to assist you in the adoption process or set you up to foster a pet. To learn more about Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter (SMAS) and how you can help or donate, visit their website at

Pictured: Carolyn McCauley, Kim McGrath, Jenni VerSteegh, Patti Hernandez and Matt Moore present Director Shanna Smith with their Legacy of Giving donations.

Donation to Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter

Elks Lodge #2814

Elks care and Elks share.  Exalted Ruler of Elks Lodge #2814 in Indianola, Julie Davidson, had many examples of caring she willingly shared.   She was excited to let us know that this lodge is the youngest in the state of Iowa and has the youngest average age of members attending.  Currently there are 148 members with new members joining each month. TruBank loan administrator Amanda Nelson believes in the mission and wanted her Legacy of Giving donation to support it.

This non-profit, philanthropic group regularly raises money for veterans, children and the community in general.   They are proud to provide scholarships in Warren County, to have assisted a local veteran with the construction of a ramp into his home, to have donated to The Zone at Indianola Middle School and to regularly contribute to food pantrys at Helping Hand of Warran County and Grace Evangelical Church.  Additionally, the membership adopts a family (or families) at Christmas and also participate in Elks Deer Hide Program, offering their time and skills to serve veterans by creating thousands of gloves and therapy kits at no charge.

They are always looking for new members and would love to see you.

Pictured: Dave Lamphear, Beth Davidson and Dan Hickman accept Amanda Nelson’s Legacy of Giving donation.

Amanda Nelson donates to Indianola Elks Lodge

Kiya Koda Humane Society

Do you happen to be looking for a puppy?  I know where you can get nine of them!!  Kiya Koda Humane Society has a full house of both dogs, cats and yep, puppies!  This no-kill shelter in Indianola has the heart of TruBank CSR Rebecca Mendez and she wanted her Legacy of Giving donation to help support their cause.

In addition to encouraging the adoption of the pets they currently have, Kiya Koda is always looking for volunteers.  You can fill out the volunteer form online and then come right on in…they’ll be happy to see you!  You can also support Kiya Koda by checking out their Amazon wishlist by visiting their website at

Pictured: Becky Needles fills in for Rebecca Mendez as Manager Julie Skellenger and Ass’t. Manager Bree Kloverdanz accept TruBank’s Legacy of Giving donation.

Becca Mendez donates to Kiya Koda

HEAL House

HEAL House of Indianola was established to identify and support individuals of all ages in Warren County who are homeless or facing imminent housing stress.  Thus far, HEAL House has helped over 130 people, from newborn to 75, families and displaced children.  They have occasionally helped with college assistance and clerical work, helping clients fill out paperwork and forms.  Their heart, however, is in providing dry, safe shelter for those who struggle finding a place to sleep each night.  Their mission spoke to Nichole Bailey, CSR at TruBank.  She particularly liked Joe Gezel’s belief that, “it’s a hand up, not a hand out.”

Pictured: Director Joe Gezel accepts Nichole Bailey’s Legacy of Giving donation.

Nicole Bailey donates to HEAL House

Martensdale-St. Marys School Lunch Program

TruBank loan administrator Kathi Bonnett wants to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to eat hot lunch at Martensdale-St. Marys School, even if their balance is in the negative.  Luckily, Martensdale-St. Marys has just such a fund which can be dipped into as needed.  In Iowa it is estimated that 111,520 children are food insecure and the school meal debt for the state is $20,140,512.  Unfortunately, if a child is hungry, that’s all they think about all day. 

Serving delicious hot lunches is a passion for nutritionist Cassandra Ackerson and her crew. Happy, smiling kids is the reward and they do love the kids! 

Pictured: Karen the financial secretary, Cassandra, Kathi Bonnett, Cheryl the head cook, Heather, Flori and M.J.

Kathi Bonnett donates to Martensdale St. Mary's School Lunch Program

Friends of Indianola Public Library

One of the most interesting, entertaining, and educational places ever is starting to focus on the teen population.  The Indianola Public Library has seen a real resurgence of interest from local teens in all that the library offers.  With that in mind, the Friends of Indianola Public Library wanted to support the redecoration of a teen room, a real re-imagining of the library from their youthful perspective.  With children approaching those double digit years, TruBank loan administrator Megan Johnson wanted to help.

Of course, lots of leg work has gone into building the teen population and making the library user friendly for them.  Did you know that some areas of the library are now “no sshhh zones?”   Invitations to join, free food and interesting summer programs have all been part of this exciting initiative.

Pictured: Allison Brown, representing the Friends of Indianola Public Library, accepts Megan Johnson’s Legacy of Giving Donation.

Megan Johnson donates to Friends of Indianola Library

Helping Hand of Warren County

The Helping Hand of Warren County, a non-profit organization, is a powerful community effort focused on the distribution of free food, clothing, personal care products, household/baby and furniture items to our neighbors with integrity and compassion.  The food pantry alone serves over 600 individuals a month, a significant increase over previous years.  In fact, most of their numbers served have doubled in the last year and a half with each month bringing 20-25 new families.  This ever-growing need spoke to TruBank loan administrator Sarah Wirth.

The only requirement for seeking assistance from the Helping Hand of Warren County is that you be a resident of Warren County.  There are no income limitations or work requirements.  You are allowed to get one week of groceries, once a month.

Pictured: Director Rachel Klein, who believes in offering a safe and welcoming experience, accepts Sarah Wirth’s Legacy of Giving donation.

Sarah Wirth donates to Helping Hand of Warren County

Children & Families of Iowa

We aren’t the only one celebrating an impressive anniversary this year.  Children & Families of Iowa has been serving the state for 135 years!  It is one of the top family service organizations in Iowa, serving all 99 counties.   This non-profit organization helps everyone from children who need a safe home to adults learning to cope with trauma.  The mission of Children & Families of Iowa spoke to Ashley Leetch and Anastacia Fotiadis-Wittick, CSRs for TruBank.  Both decided to donate their Legacy of Giving to the organization that offers a chance to build better futures, the opportunity to change lives.

With 15 program areas to serve those in need, Children & Families of Iowa is one of Iowa’s largest, most well-respected providers of family services.  Every year thousands of Iowans are served with one basic principle guiding the organization: every child and family deserves to be safe.

Pictured: Amy Stapp-Arpy, Chief Development Officer, accepts Ashley Leetch and Anastacia Fotiadis-Wittick’s Legacy of Giving donation.

Ashley Leetch and Stacia Wittick donates to Children & Families of Iowa

Special Olympics Iowa

Not many organizations carry the impact of Special Olympics. The benefits for people with intellectual disabilities include improved physical fitness and motor skills, greater self-confidence, a more positive self-image and lifelong friendships.  For TruBank’s Teresa Wolver, a Loan Administration Assistant, the decision to use her Legacy of Giving donation for Special Olympics Iowa was to help support the successes of their athletes.

Over 14,800 athletes from all 99 counties in Iowa are served by Special Olympics Iowa.  It takes more than 3,000 volunteers to make the competitions around the state possible.  In September 2023 MidAmerican RecPlex will play host to the next state wide event.

Pictured: Joseph Herst, Director of Developoment for Special Olympics Iowa accepts Teresa Wolver’s TruBank Legacy of Giving donation.

Teresa Wolver donates to Special Olympics Iowa

Urbandale Food Pantry

Many of us have an abundance in our life basket.  An abundance of family, health, wealth, food and good luck.  For others the basket has a little less in it.  Some of those necessities are filled by the Urbandale Food Pantry and their efforts spoke to our Vice President Paul Anton.

The Urbandale Food Pantry, a non-profit organization, is a collaborative community effort to provide food assistance with dignity and compassion.  Since the Pantry opened in 2008, the average number of individuals served per month has steadily grown.  They regularly serve 1,600 families per month with new records set each month.  Every year there are approximately 140 new families who have never used the Pantry’s services before.  In addition to canned and boxed foods, the Urbandale Food Pantry also provides milk, eggs, meat and personal hygiene products.

Pictured: Patty Sneddon-Kisting, Executive Director, accepts Paul Anton’s TruBank Legacy of Giving donation.

Paul Anton donates to Urbandale Food Pantry

Harvest Academy

Every now and then life necessitates a move.  Harvest Academy’s moving company helps residents earn their keep and help sustain the house they live in.   TruBank’s Rick Stringer, Credit Analyst, believes in the mission and believes in recommending their moving services.

Harvest Academy Iowa is a non-profit organization based in Indianola that allows men who have dealt with incarceration, homelessness, and/or substance abuse to change their life, free of charge.  It is a 24-month program that offers vocational training, peer mentorship/leadership, education, and transitional services.  In recent news, Des Moines City Council approved zoning for a nearly 18-acre campus where 80 residents will be served.

Pictured: Minh Nguyen of Harvest Academy Iowa, accepts Rick Stringer’s TruBank Legacy of Giving donation.

Rick Stringer donates to Harvest Academy

Children's Cancer Connection

Sometimes the most meaningful donation comes from personal experience.  Loan Administrative Assistant Madison Webb has just such an experience with Children’s Cancer Connection.   A close relative of Madison’s was diagnosed with childhood cancer at a very young age.  Madison’s family learned firsthand the value of the many services Children’s Cancer Connection can provide.

Over 780 families who have been impacted by pediatric cancer are supported through this non-profit organization.  Children’s Cancer Connection is known for compassionately supporting the entire family throughout the entire journey, connecting families through support programs and outings at no cost, and committing to adapt to local needs for families for over 30 years.

Pictured: Maura Saltzman, Development Manager for Children’s Cancer Connection, accepts Madison Webb’s TruBank Legacy of Giving donation.

Madison Webb donates to Children's Cancer Connection

Centre for Arts & Artists

The Centre for Arts & Artists is a community art education space and working artist studio. It offers exceptional opportunities to make, exhibit, view, think about, and talk about art at all levels of ability. TruBank Vice President/Commercial Lender Bret Pugh learned about the Centre from its Executive Director Linda Klepinger. When asked about his opportunities with art in elementary, middle, and high school, Linda shared that the arts program in Newton does not offer the same opportunities because of budget cuts. The Centre is making a difference by providing the arts for children who are no longer getting fed the arts in school. It has all the supplies need to create art in all types of medium – paint, clay, charcoal, printmaking, watercolor, and more!

The Centre for Arts & Artists even houses active artists who on their creations which you can watch. Several artist sculpted pieces are gifted to the City of Newton or surrounding communities. If you don’t think you have creative talents, then you can always support the organization by purchasing some of the handmade unique artwork and gifts in their gift shop. Learn more about the Centre for Arts & Artists by visiting their website ( or follow them on Facebook ( to check out the latest programs and art.

Pictured: TruBank Vice President/Commercial Lender Bret Pugh (left) selects the Centre for Arts & Artists as his local nonprofit to receive his Legacy of Giving donation with Executive Director Linda Klepinger accepting.

Bret Pugh donates to Centre for Arts and Artists

Newton Noon Kiwanis

Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time. The Newton Noon Kiwanis Club is dedicated to serving the local Newton community through various service and fundraising projects. They have been in service for more than 100 years! The group participates in a variety of projects through the year that involve fundraising, community service, and assisting children locally and worldwide. Some of their most recent projects include Kiwanis & Kids Reading Project, Jasper County Conservation Youth Camps, and Dollars for Scholars. Newton Noon Kiwanis also sponsors the Newton Aktion Club which is the only service club for adults with disabilities. TruBank employee Kirk Ringgenberg is an active Kiwanis member and has been with the Newton group for more than 15 years. His time volunteering and serving made it an easy decision to select Newton Noon Kiwanis as this local nonprofit to receive $140 in celebration of TruBank’s 140th Anniversary.   

Pictured: TruBank Vice President and active Kiwanis member Kirk Ringgenberg (left), TruBank CFO Ben Currie (center), and TruBank Vice President/Commercial Lender and active Kiwanis member Bret Pugh present Kirk’s Legacy of Giving donation during a Newton Noon Kiwanis’s meeting.

Kirk Ringgenberg donates to Newton Noon Kiwanis


Newton Public Library Foundation

Local community libraries are one of the few places that allow you to travel anywhere or do anything without leaving your town. The Newton public library has been a long-standing resource of knowledge and entertainment through books, videos, and other programming. The Newton Public Library Foundation supports and enriches the capabilities, resources, and services of the Newton public library through fundraising, advocacy, and innovative programs that benefit the Newton community and promote greater awareness of the library’s valuable resources. The Foundation has recently funded the library’s Summer Reading program, planted new tress on the library lawn, purchased new tables and chairs in the Children’s Library, and digitized old microfilm. Being able to support her local library and all the various kid’s programs was one of the many reasons TruBank employee Mya Vos selected the Newton Public Library Foundation. Mya’s $140 donation will specifically go towards the library’s Roof Renovation project. To learn more about the Foundation and upcoming library programs, visit the Newton Public Library website at

Pictured: Newton Public Library Foundation Secretary/Treasurer Tom Hollander (left) accepts TruBank employee Mya Vos’s donation which will help repair the library’s roof.

Mya Vos donates to Newton Public Library Foundation

Iowa 4-H Foundation

Being a 4-H Club participant (Jolly Workers 4-H Club) left a strong and lasting impression upon TruBank employee Natalie Farver. In order to help the next generation of 4-H participants, Natalie chose to donate her Legacy of Giving funds to the Iowa 4-H Foundation. The Iowa 4-H Foundation helps 4-H’ers with financial aid and college scholarships and fund youth programs. These opportunities help young people enhance their ability to use critical thinking, leadership, communication, and social skills – tools that will give them a competitive edge in their future endeavors. The 4-H program of Jasper County's purpose is to teach youth sportsmanship, loyalty, self-expression and cooperation, as well as to train them in their various projects. It develops community spirit and teaches our youth a better standard of production and home management. The Iowa State University Extension Office in Jasper County provides support to fourteen community clubs with over three hundred members in all. One of Natalie’s favorite experiences was going on trips thus her donation will specifically go to help fund these opportunities. To learn more about the Iowa 4-H Foundation, visit their website or see what opportunities exist with the Jasper County’s Iowa State University Extension office (

Pictured: Jasper County Youth Coordinator Stacey Wilson of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach of Jasper County (left) accepts TruBank employee Natalie Farver’s (right) $140 donation to the Iowa 4-H Foundation.

Natalie Farver donates to Iowa 4-H Foundation

Newton Area Soccer Association

The Newton Area Soccer Association (NASA) is run completely by volunteers to help make soccer available to all boys & girls in the Newton community who are interested in playing soccer from 4 to 18 years old. Volunteers help manage the teams, practices, coordinate game schedules, and more. Playing youth soccer helps not only from a physical perspective (hand-eye coordination, good health & exercise) but gives kids the opportunity to learn good sportsmanship, fosters positive self-esteem, and healthy competitive team play. The kids also meet others their age with similar passion for soccer, learn how to accept winning & failure, and to never give up. TruBank Newton branch manager Billie Montgomery was introduced to the NASA in the 1990’s when it was established as her kids wanted to put together a NASA soccer team for their age groups and gender. She and the father of her kids soon became fully involved by volunteering to coach and served on the NASA board. Today, Billie’s legacy continues as one of her kids now serves on the NASA Board and volunteers as a coach for her grandkid’s team. To become more involved, visit

Pictured: TruBank employee Billie Montgomery (right) donates her Legacy of Giving donation to NASA with President Jason Price accepting (left)

Billie Montgomery donates to Newton Area Soccer Association

Friends of Carlisle Parks

People love their communities for many different reasons. One thing that everyone can agree upon is a great community has good parks & trails. Residents of the City of Carlisle have the Friends of Carlisle Parks to help thank for their excellent parks & trails. With a goal of creating a healthy community connected by vibrant parks and trail systems, the Friends of Carlisle Parks (FOCP) was established in 2016. They raise funds for park projects, organize and install those park projects, and provide overall awareness about area outdoor recreational opportunities in the city of Carlisle and surrounding area. They currently have four active projects including building a new, modern, handicap accessible playground at the North Municipal Park in Carlisle. It is projects like this and converting parks into more accessible areas for all kids that inspired TruBank employee Scott Taylor to select Friends of Carlisle Parks for his Legacy of Giving local non-profit. To see more projects or wish to donate, visit

Pictured: TruBank employee Scott Taylor (left) gives his $140 donation Friends of Carlise Parks accepted by FCOP volunteer Cassie Halls

Scott Taylor donates to Friends of Carlisle Parks


Some times we struggle in life and may hit a low point where we don't know where to go. Thankfully organizations like SheepGate build individuals from their lowest points in life back up to be happy and successful. Sheepgate, a division of Adult & Teen Challenge of the Midlands, is one of the most successful recovery programs in the world. Knowing individuals who have successfully completed the program is one of the many reasons TruBank employee Dave Ogburn chose Sheepgate to donate. Individuals attending the 12-month program dive into the root causes in order to confront destructive choices and self-sabotaging behavior.
With a men’s facility located on 80-acres in Colfax, group and one-on-one sessions develop a sense of personal responsibility, self-discipline, and even can receive a GED (General Educational Development). Several of the trained staff members are former program graduates who have known what current individuals are experiencing. The organization is funded through contributions and donations and even accept vehicle donations. For more information about their program, visit

Pictured: TruBank employee Dave Ogburn (left) donates to Sheepgate as his Legacy of Giving nonprofit with Michael Hunsberger, Vice President of Sheepgate's Board of Directors

Dave Ogburn donates to Sheepgate

Animal Rescue Leage of Iowa

Since 1926, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) has helped both animals and people across Iowa. This nonprofit jumps into situations where animal assistance is needed but has also created fun opportunities for people to help care for the animals such as Cuddle Breaks! The ARL is Iowa’s largest nonprofit animal shelter. They provide pet adoption, humane education, pet behavior training, spay/neuter services, animal cruelty intervention, and more.
From January to May 2023, the ARL has taken in over 4,000 animals while also successfully releasing 92% of the animals. The ARL has locations in Des Moines and West Des Moines but also partner locations in Des Moines, West Des Moines, Ankeny, and Altoona. Ensuring animals are properly taken care of and successfully released is one of the many reasons TruBank employee Nick Harvey select the Animal Rescue League of Iowa as his local area nonprofit. For information about the ARL, ways to get involved, or donate & adopt animals, visit their website at

Pictured: TruBank employee Nick Harvey (left) presents his donation to KC Routos, ARL's Director of Development (right).

Nick Harvey donates to Animal Rescue League of Iowa

Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter

Originally starting out to serve as a “pound” for stray animals in Mahaska County, the Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter (SMAS) has evolved beyond the old “pound” ideology. Its mission is to enhance the welfare of all companion animals. Animals are often forgotten, especially in tough economic times such as during COVID-19.

That is why Kris Roorda and Jill Ewing donated their 140th Anniversary Legacy of Giving donation to Oskaloosa’s small animal shelter. SMAS boasts a 90% live release rate even with over 60 cats and over 35 dogs currently housed. Not only can people adopt these animals but you can also become a foster parent. All animals are accepted at SMAS but not all are ready for official adoption thus a foster home can help an animal become healthier and develop better temperament before finding a permanent, loving family. To learn more about SMAS and how you can help or donate, visit their website at

Pictured: Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter Director Shanna Smith receives TruBank employee Kris Roorda’s and Jill Ewing’s 140th Legacy of Giving Donation.

Jill Ewing and Kris Roorda donate to Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter

Mahaska County Historical Society

Mahaska County Historical Society (MCHS) protects and preserves the history and heritage of Mahaska County for future generations to learn and appreciate our roots. Since 1942, the MCHS has been preserving and displaying historical artifacts for all to see so each person can learn about Iowa’s great pioneer history. In fact, the MCHS helped establish the Nelson Pioneer Farm & Museum for people to visit which was before the establishment of the Living History Farms in Des Moines.

Agriculture was and still is an important component for all Iowans. Agriculture is a passion and priority for TruBank employee Don Crall. His donation will specifically go towards preserving the agricultural heritage maintained by the Mahaska County Historical Society. Old buildings and equipment do require funds to ensure they don’t completely go away. Each year, over 1,000 kids tour the Nelson Pioneer Farm & Museum and take in the historic displays as they learn about how Iowans farmed and lived in the mid-1800s. Today, the MCHS is raising funds for a new exhibit to preserve military artifacts. To read more about its rich history, visit

Pictured: TruBank employee Don Crall presents his donation to Margaret Spiegel, Nelson Pioneer Farm Director, with the Mahaska County Historical Society.

Donald Crall donates to Mahaska County Historical Society

The Ecumenical Cupboard

The Ecumenical Cupboard is 100% managed by volunteers and relies upon donations to provide food and hygiene items to people in need residing in Mahaska County. Donations are given to individuals or families experiencing emergencies and have been referred from an agency such as Department of Human Services. The need for food and supplies has dramatically increased with more than 200 families passing through the Cupboard’s doors monthly since 2020. Previously, the Cupboard served once every two months.

Making sure families are able to have a source for food and other goods is the reason TruBank employee Gary Ewing selected The Ecumenical Cupboard for his Legacy of Giving local non-profit donation. The Cupboard also partners with the Feeding America Program and receives food from them to help ensure their shelves are stocked. The Ecumenical Cupboard is always looking for more volunteers to help. Visit or call them at (641) 676-4031.

Pictured: TruBank employee Gary Ewing donates his $140 Legacy of Giving money to Shirley Frey with The Ecumenical Cupboard

Gary Ewing donates to The Ecumenical Cupboard

Altrusa International of Oskaloosa

As incoming Treasurer for Altrusa International of Oskaloosa, TruBank employee Cara Frank is already contributing to the organization with her 140th Anniversary donation. Altrusa is a community service organization that promotes volunteerism, literacy, and overall betterment of the local community through various projects. Annually, the Oskaloosa Altrusa Club awards two $500 scholarships to Mahaska County high school students planning on attending college after high school graduation. The scholarships are funded in part through the organization’s annual Christmas cookie tray fundraiser, so it is a win-win – you get delicious cookies + supporting area students.

Although the Oskaloosa club has only 8 members, Altrusa has a rich history originating since 1917 and local clubs can be found all across the world. To learn more about Altrusa, visit or follow them on Facebook (

Pictured: Cara Frank of TruBank (far left) presents her Legacy of Giving donation to Altrusa International of Oskaloosa President Diana Ewing (center) and fellow board member Margaret Spiegel (far right)

Cara Frank donates to Altrusa International of Oskaloosa

Kiya Koda

Based in Indianola, Iowa, Kiya Koda helps stray animals with the goal of finding them a loving, safe forever home. Kiya Koda staff takes great care in picking up strays or trying to locate the animal’s family if it mistakenly gets out. Donations are needed all year long, but supplies vary upon seasonality such as Spring brings an abundance of new kittens. TruBank employee Lance Hoffman chose Kiya Koda due to his wife’s passion of animals. He also credits Kiya Koda for making the donation process so easy. Buying supplies on, you can easily donate items and have them shipped to Kiya Koda. No need to make an extra trip! For more information about Kiya Koda, visit their website at

Pictured: TruBank employee Lance Hoffman’s 140th Anniversary donation is accepted by Kiya Koda manager Julie Skellenger.

Lance Hoffman donates to Kiya Koda

National Balloon Classic

TruBank employee Becky Needles has been volunteering with the National Balloon Classic for over 15 years and currently serves on the Executive Board as President & Treasurer. National Balloon Classic’s annual 9-day event is the most colorful event every summer in Indianola. The event brings an unique event to Iowa but provides a huge economic boost to Indianola with the thousands of spectators watching the amazing balloons and talented pilots. TruBank has been proud to be the presenting sponsor of the National Balloon Classic for more than 20 years. Check out the 2023 program by visiting We’ll see you there!

Picutred: TruBank employee Becky Needles (left) presents her donation to National Balloon Classic Executive Director Staci Scheurenbrand (centered) along with TruBank CEO Keith Welling (right).

Becky Needles donates to National Balloon Classic

Warren County Pheasants Forever

By first joining the Pheasants Forever student chapter while attending Iowa State University, TruBank employee Ben Currie became impressed with how much more local Pheasants Forever chapters contribute to Iowa communities. The Warren County Pheasants Forever chapter has helped purchase over 1,700 acres of land for outdoor recreation, funded Warren County school events, and planted native grasses and food plots across 18,000 acres. Pheasant hunting also brings significant revenue to the state with both local and out-of-state individuals purchasing licenses, supplies, gas, hotels, and food to enjoy Iowa’s outdoors. To learn more about their accomplishments and annual banquet, visit their website at

Pictured: Jim Wooley of the Warren County Pheasants Forever Chapter accepts TruBank employee Ben Currie’s donation as part of TruBank’s 140th Anniversary in 2023.

Ben Currie donates to Warren County Pheasants Forever

HEAL House of Iowa

Since its inception, HEAL House of Iowa has helped over 100 individuals by providing shelter to those homeless or facing imminent housing stress in Warren County. It was surprising how many youth and adults struggle with finding a place to sleep each night for TruBank employees Amy Oliver and Jesse Stewart. Both have children and cannot fathom Warren County children having to think about which friend’s house to go to or finding a place in a park. HEAL House has purchased a facility in Warren County and uses donations to support and operate it. For more information about HEAL House, visit their website at

Pictured: Amy Oliver of TruBank (far left) and Jesse Steware of TruBank (far right) present their donations to HEAL House liaison Joe Gezel (center).

Amy Oliver and Jesse Stewart donate to HEAL House

Newton Girls Softball Association

Playing fast-pitch softball in youth and adult leagues along with a few years of coaching beginners in Newton taught TruBank employee Karen Karsten several important lessons – teamwork, accountability, communication, and leadership. All these character traits help make us good citizens in our communities. Not everyone child has the same ability to play sports. Therefore, the Newton Girls Softball Association is run completely by volunteers to help make fastpitch softball available to all girls in the community who are interested in playing from Kindergarten through high school. These volunteers help manage the softball schedules, teams, concession stands, and more. Playing youth sports help not only from a physical perspective (hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular health) but gives kids the opportunity to meet others their age with similar passion for softball, learn how to accept winning & failure, and to never give up.

Pictured (left to right): Newton Girls Softball Association Board members Brady Sage, TruBank employee Karen Karsten, Nicole Woods, Tiffany Sage, and Lindy Fisher 

Karen Karsten Donates to Newton Girl's Softball Association

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